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The intention of those offerings is to empower self-mastery.


Myofascial release, postural alignment, breath power


Movements as medicine, functional movements, yoga


Mirror & soundboard, practices & rituals design, embodiement



Jessica has been on the path of the healing arts since she was reborn with a new passion for life and fascination for transformation. A yoga teacher training facilitated the process of creating an healthy soul aligned lifestyle. She discovered her gift of therapeutic touch and a mentor to empower her authentic expression. Deep Flow is the core lineage behind her offerings. She submerged herself into learning, integrating and embodying this art of by embarking on a series of training and retreats with Milèna Bergeron, founder of this progessive approch. She is now in service as a Bodyworker, and a
Deep Flow teacher.

She cultivates her life flow within her movement practices such as medicinal dance, yoga and surfing. Her courageous life journey, strewn with various periods of transformation, is in itself a leading example that possibilities are available to those who embark on the path of personal evolution.


Her mission is to restore universal grace which is often restrained by our human experience, history or lineage. By working as a team with her clients/students, Jessica observes breathing patterns, the quality of communication within the fascial matrix and the amplitude of movement available to then weave all of the information into a series of bodywork/classes to support, open and optimize the human body.

Jessica is gifted and her work is medicinal; she targets what is ready to shift to stimulate body-mind-soul alignment. Her therapeutic approach creates immediate benefits and promotes long-term results when actively integrated.

She believes that those who breathe and move within a sacred presence eventually experience ultimate freedom and that such vibrations travel far beyond themselves to actively participate in creating a better world. 

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